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The Emotional Pet Guy
The Emotional Pet Guy
Adrian Archie

Greetings, and welcome to The Emotional Pet Guy podcast! I’m Adrian Archie, your guide on this incredible journey of self-discovery and pet parenting, where we marry emotional intelligence with pet wellness. As the Founder of the nationwide all-natural pet supply retailer, petNmind Franchise Group, I’ve always had an immense love for pets and their well-being. But my path to becoming the Emotional Pet Guy wasn’t straightforward. My journey began with the thrill of competition and teamwork on the football field, earning a full scholarship to the University of Richmond, and even taking a short stint in the NFL and CFL. After hanging up my cleats, I transitioned into a successful career as a Medical Device Sales Rep and Brand Manager. However, an abrupt end to this career path turned my world upside down. These varied life experiences and transitions highlighted to me the importance of emotional intelligence and led me to delve into the fascinating field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).