Episode 2: Find Your Neutral

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Join Adrian for Episode 2: Finding Your Neutral as he explores the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) and the role it plays in navigating life’s challenges and stressors. In this episode, Adrian deep dives into the first pillar of EI – Self Awareness. Learn why self-awareness is crucial to your emotional well-being, how it plays out in everyday scenarios, and practical steps you can take to improve it. Don’t miss out on this enlightening and inspiring discussion on the power of self-awareness in becoming a better you. Tune in!

Show Notes:

[00:00:00 – 00:01:14] – Introduction: The need for high emotional intelligence during tough times

[00:02:50 – 00:04:30] –  Self Awareness – The First Pillar of Emotional Intelligence

[00:05:35 – 00:07:00] – Practicing communication for better emotional intelligence

[00:07:20 – 00:08:59] –  The importance of authenticity and self-awareness

[00:09:00 – 00:12:35] – The significance of neutrality in emotional intelligence

[00:12:40 – 00:14:12] –  The impact of emotions on our decision-making

[00:14:15 – 00:15:19] – The value of taking a high-level view in stressful situations

[00:15:20 – 00:16:24] – The need to revisit your values in moments of emotional stress

[00:16:25 – 00:16:48] – Quantifying how you feel under stress

[00:17:00 – 00:18:49] – The importance of feedback and identifying blind spots

[00:18:50 – 00:34:47] How self-awareness plays into understanding others

[00:34:47 – 00:37:55] Closing thoughts and call to action

Adrian emphasizes self-awareness’s power in success, particularly during stressful moments. He urges the audience to stay in tune with their emotions and remain authentic in their interactions. Adrian also highlights the importance of neutrality, taking a high-level view, revisiting values, quantifying feelings during stressful moments, and seeking honest feedback from others.

Practicing these allows us to navigate life with high emotional intelligence and make the most of every moment. Tune in to the next episode as Adrian continues his series on emotional intelligence.

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